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My Personal Life

My Motto

"Where there is a will, there is a way."

My full name is Anshuman Bhuyan.


Father-Dr.Bipul Bhuyan(Radiologist)

Mother-Dr.Dipali Bhuyan(Paediatrician)

Currently living in Muscat(Oman)

I am a student and study in Indian School Al-ghubra(I.S.G)

My Hobbies

Playing instrument(Guitar,tabla,drums)

Playing cricket.

Working on the computer(Internet)

Reading books.

Seeing movies.

My Friends

Abhinav Vasu,Shromon Ghosh,Praval Saran,Zameer Malim,Sagar,Ankit Khanna,Ankit Anand, Bibek Mishra,Shishir Malani.

E-mail addresses of my friends-

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